Chartered Accountancy

The chartered accountant engages in a regular accounting review (monthly, quarterly, or annual) in order to produce financial statements that comply with local accounting standards. He or she certifies their work with an auditor’s stamp. 

The accounting department also provides full bookkeeping services to businesses that prefer to outsource this task and issues reports to the parent companies of these organizations.

Bookkeeping can be carried out either in our offices or within client companies with the part- or full-time secondment of staff. 

The Statutory Auditing

The statutory auditing carries out the legal certification of accounts.

The companies referred do must fulfil certain conditions stipulated by OHADA (Organisation for the harmonisation of business law in Africa)

  • SARL: Articles 376 to 380
  • SA: Articles 694 to 701 – Articles 702 to 709 – Articles 710 to 717
  • SAS : Article 853-13 and 853-3

These articles reference the appointment of the statuory auditing, quality, incompatibility and the duration, and applicable sanctions.

The Jean-Luc Ruelle accountancy firm also provides fiscal and social services through its sister company SCOGES Conseil.

Human Resources department

Our subsidiary mainly focuses on social aspects and offers support at every stage in the life of your business: from its creation (recruitment, assistance in hiring, choice of manager) and throughout its existence (payroll outsourcing and social security charges, advice on operational and human resources management) until business activities cease.

Fiscal advice

Our tax advice includes monitoring, finding solutions to our clients’ specific tax questions, helping with tax audits, and obtaining specific authorizations.

Legal Advice

Our firm provides support and advises its clients on legal concerns to ensure they remain within the law, or conversely, to exercise their rights. Our mission is to settle disputes as well as protecting the interests of our clients.

Social advice

The company assists businesses with their social obligations:

                – The drawing up of work contracts (SCOGES) and implementation of legally required documents (staff registration, and internal rules etc.)

                – The drawing up and revision of payrolls on the behalf of our clients

                – The drawing up of work contracts for foreigners and obtaining visas for these contracts from the AEJ (youth employment agency)

SCOGES Conseil also offers other services such as:

                – Help with tax or social disputes

                – Company administration (preparation of the annual general meeting of the board of directors, and preparation of the minutes for the board of directors general meeting).

                – Due diligence

                – The review of contracts

                – Legal, fiscal and social support in the life of a company, particularly in the creation of a company, capital increase and early dissolution

Business Creation

Our chartered accountants will help you set up your new business.
Our firm has all the skills required to help you realize your project from the beginning: drawing up a business plan, creating the business’s legal structure, and implementing budget monitoring at the start of business operations.

If you would like more information about our services, a quotation, or to make an appointment,